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closer to the island, you have the joy to see the turquoise water of the lagoon and first you see the 3 OWB. Moderate tendency to pound in a seaway. After obtaining excellent testing results at the Plywood Derby, the Navy awarded Huckins Yacht Corporation a contract in 1941 for 8 boats, and later added 10 more. PT-69 : 72 ft (22 m) Huckins; 4 Packard 1,200 hp (890 kW) engines. The Higgins 76' (PT-70) and boats of the Elco 77' (PT-20 Class) developed structural failures even under moderate weather conditions prevailing. Occasionally, some front line PT boats received ad hoc up-fits at forward bases, where they mounted such weapons as 37mm aircraft cannons, rocket launchers, or mortars.

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Later that same year, Higgins was to build PT-70 (at their own expense) that incorporated slight improvements over PT-6 Prime. Barge attacks edit Perhaps the most effective use of PTs was as "barge busters". While favorably received, Secretary of the Navy Josephus Daniels rejected the proposal since the US was not at war, but Hickman was advised to submit his plans and proposal to the British Admiralty, which was done the following month. Painting by Gerard Richardson : USS PT-167 is struck by an enemy torpedo, on 5 November 1943 10 As a testament to the strength of this type of construction, several PT boats withstood catastrophic battle damage and still remained afloat. In the interval between the first and second test periods the PT-70 was repaired and an effort made to eliminate the causes of the structural failures. The success and ruggedness of the Huckins' 78-foot seagoing design is demonstrated by Squadron 26's constant ready-boat operations and Fleet torpedo boat training in the oceans around Midway and Hawaii during the last two years of the war. PT-728 was acquired by Fleet Obsolete and moved to Kingston. Our choice was the OWB what we loved from the view and location, but I think also the other would be a good choice just depend for what you are looking for. escort service norway private cam

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They had a nice choice and we had to leave before we could try all different cocktails. A Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) PT Boat Conference held in May 1941, convened to discussed future PT characteristics. Some boats shipped a 20 mm Oerlikon cannon. Sometimes I thought I might better leave the dessert, but how could you say "no" when you smell a chocolate cake fresh from the oven with self-made vanilla ice cream? This type of construction made it possible for damage to the wooden hulls of these boats to be easily repaired at the front lines by base force personnel. Hamachek, lcdr Russell (1995). Starting in mid-1943, the installation of this gun had an immediate positive effect on the firepower available from a PT boat. Navy due to its weight. Gunboats edit In the Solomon Islands in 1943, three 77-foot (23 m) PT boats, PT-59, PT-60, and PT-61, were converted into "PT gunboats" by stripping them of all original armament except the two twin.50 cal (12.7 mm) gun mounts, then adding. Posts to: United Kingdom and many other countries.

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When it eventually was delivered and tested in the summer of 1917, it was not deemed a success, so a second boat (C-378) of the sea sled design was ordered from Hickman in either late 1917 or early 1918 (conflicting dates). 2 This competition led to eight prototype boats built to compete in two different classes. Sinn of Wildwood Crest, NJ on for 1,015.00. Service was good too. PT-157 : Commanded by Lieutenant, junior grade, William. Taylor, the Chief of the US Navy's Bureau of Construction and Repair. The handcrafted Huckins PT was produced at their civilian facility at a speed of one per month. The Japanese were initially cautious when operating their capital ships in areas known to have PT boats, knowing how dangerous their own Type 93 torpedoes were, and assumed the Americans had equally lethal weapons. The accelerometers ranked the boats as follows: First was the Philadelphia Navy Yard PT-8 with the least pounding, Second was the Huckins PT-69, Third was the Higgins PT-6, and last were the Elco 77-footers.

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This conference, including representatives from BuShips, BuOrd, mtbrons, Interior Control Board, and CNO, recommended a series of comparative tests to evaluate what turned out to be five new designs of motor torpedo boats. The porno chat sexy politi kostyme Philadelphia Navy Yard simultaneously began construction of two other boats ( PT-7 and PT-8 created by designers at the Navy Yard and the Navy Bureau of Ships. The efficiency of the PT boats at sinking the Japanese supply barges was considered a key reason that the Japanese had severe food, ammunition, and replacement problems during the New Guinea and Solomon Island campaigns, and made the PT boats prime targets for enemy aircraft. These boats were constructed mainly out of aluminum and had 4 engines. On 2 November 1943, PT-59 participated in the rescue of 40 to 50 Marines from Choiseul Island and a foundering landing craft (LCP(R) which was under fire from Japanese soldiers on the beach. PT-8 : 81 ft (25 m) Philadelphia Navy Yard; aluminum hull; 2 Allison 2,000 hp (1,500 kW) engines, 1 Hall-Scott 550 hp (410 kW) engine. In order to evade return fire from the enemy ships, the PT boat could deploy a smoke screen using stern-mounted generators. Kennedy and PT-109 (Random House, 1962) oclc 826062 Robert. The resulting PT boat designs were the product of a small cadre of respected naval architects and the Navy. Conducted, this open-water trial, 190 nmi (350 km; 220 mi) at full throttle, would forever after be referred to by PT personnel as the "Plywood Derby." The course started from the mouth of New London Harbor, to Sarah Ledge, then led. Several PT boats were lost due to friendly fire from both Allied aircraft and destroyers. Albert Hickman devised the first procedures and tactics for employing fast maneuverable seaworthy torpedo motorboats against capital ships, and presented his proposal to Rear Admiral David. Sinn, who in 2012 sold the boat to "Fleet Obsolete" of Kingston. Submarines' Mark 14 torpedoes. Retrieved "ordnance pamphlet. escort service norway private cam

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  1. Philip left active military service. After the initial competition. By 1921 the Reichsmarine.

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